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TESTIMONIAL: Unparalleled Control With Alpine® WSG Insecticide at Yiasou Greek Festival

Mar 25, 2015
For residents in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Yiasou Greek Festival is a highly anticipated event that has taken place each year since 1978. From spanakopita and gyros to baklava and roast lamb, the festival gives attendees a taste of true …

TESTIMONIAL: Termidor® HŸ-E High-Efficiency Termiticide Means Efficient Business

Mar 16, 2015
Bush Termite & Pest Control, Inc., is a fourth-generation company specializing in both termite and general pest control. Prior to using Termidor HŸ-E High-Efficiency Termiticide for termite control, president/owner Darrell Bush and his team were using a competitor’s product that …

Testimonial: Alpine WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide Provides Relief From Crazy Ants

Mar 9, 2015
Since 2000, Florida has seen an increase in the amount of infestations by tawny crazy ants, an invasive species that originated in South America. The crazy ant, also referred to as the Caribbean, hairy and Rasberry, gets its name from …

Benchmarking Your Business

Feb 19, 2015
As a pest control business owner, how do you define success? Maybe it’s in the total number of satisfied customers you’ve provided services to over the past 12 months. Or maybe it’s in achieving your list of corporate goals and …